Septic tank systems


Septic Tank Pumping Cost...Some Estimates

Are you wondering what does septic tank pumping cost? And how often does your tank need to be cleaned out? Keep reading and I will give you some estimates on both below.

An average price for a two bedroom home would be from $125 to $250. But keep in mind these are average prices and your actual cost can vary depending on several factors...

Factors Affecting Pumping Cost

1. How accessible is your tank? Will it be easy for the pumper truck to get close to it?

2.  Do you know where the actual tank is buried so the service people won't have to spend time locating it?

3. Does it have a riser tube going to the surface of the ground with a cover over it? This makes it very easy to pump.

4. Will the crew have to do lots of digging to find the tank opening lid?

5. Fees are higher in some places than others so it can depend on where you live.

All of these things can affect the cost you may have to pay to get your tank cleaned. So its possible the above estimates of $125 to $250 could be higher depending on your situation.

How Often Should You Have Your Tank Pumped?

You will read lots of different opinions on this online. But a good average is every 3 to 5 years you should have your tank pumped out. This is very cheap insurance for something as major as your home sewage disposal. It can help prevent your septic drain field from failing for one thing. That cost could easily top $2000 for installing a new drain field. Or if it can be repaired then the cost will certainly be more than pumping. Plus you won't have a septic system to use until it gets fixed.

So the septic service company may be able to spot any potential problems with your system(while there pumping out the tank) and fix them before the system fails.

Now you have an idea of the septic tank pumping cost for your system. Don't wait until your system fails and sewage backs up into your home to have it done. Prevention is usually cheaper than replacement.