Septic tank systems


The Fiberglass Septic Tank...
A Good Alternative To Concrete

If you are planning to install a new tank or need to replace an old one, then a fiberglass septic tank may be a good choice. Pretty much any type of tank will deteriorate in the ground over time but fiberglass has many advantages.

Fiberglass Septic Tank Image

The Advantages Of A Fiberglass Septic Tank

  • They are lightweight and can be transported and installed much easier than concrete tanks. This can be a big advantage in areas where its hard to reach with a big truck and crane boom.
  • Some fiberglass tanks can even be hauled in a pickup truck.
  • These tanks are constructed to be very sturdy and durable giving them a long lifespan.
  • They can resist corrosive chemicals and attack even better than concrete.
  • Damage can be easier to repair than with a concrete tank.
  • Tree roots won't penetrate fiberglass septic tanks as they can with concrete.


One Disadvantage

One problem with these types of tanks is they can float in areas where ground water gets very high. Since they are so much lighter than concrete its necessary to securely anchor them to the ground.


The size of your tank will depend on the same factors as other types of tanks. How large the home is, the number of occupants, and how many bathrooms for example.

Your tank will have to be installed once you get it to the location. This will still require a crew of people even though it is lighter than concrete. An experienced contractor is always the best option to insure its installed correctly.

A well built fiberglass septic tank will last for many years. So with its many advantages it certainly may be a good choice for you.