Septic tank systems


Cleaning Septic Tank Wastes From Your System

Cleaning a septic tank is a procedure where the scum and solid wastes are pumped out of the tank. This is routine maintenance and should be done every three to five years depending on the usage of your system. This is probably not a do it yourself job though and you should call a professional septic system service company to have this done.

You can extend the time before you need a septic tank cleaning by taking a few precautions. Avoid flushing strong cleaning chemicals into the tank. These chemicals can kill the bacteria population that help digest the solid wastes.

Do not put pesticides or herbicides down the drain as these too can harm the bacteria in the tank. Try not to put cooking oils and greases into the system as they are difficult to break down and will build up a layer at the top of the tank.

Anything you know that is not biodegradable should not be flushed into the septic tank. It will add to the build up and require you to have a septic tank cleaning(pumping out of the tank) much more often.

Calling A Service Company

After you contact the septic service company to schedule a septic tank cleaning, they will come out with a pumper truck. If your tank has a riser installed they will simply remove the lid on it to start pumping. If not they will have to locate the tank and dig away the soil covering it to remove the access lid.

They will pump out most of the solid wastes just leaving a thin layer in the bottom of the tank. The thin layer is left so enough bacteria will be left to multiply and keep the bio-degrading going when you start using the tank again. The wastes are pumped into a storage tank on the truck and taken to a collection facility.

After cleaning the septic tank the crew will inspect it to make sure everything is in working order. Checking the inlet and outlet pipes, the vents, etc.