Septic tank systems


Septic Tank Sizes

This page will give you an idea of residential septic tank sizes required based on the number of bedrooms and on the water usage in you home. The figures below are estimates or averages only and the size septic system you need may vary based on local codes.

Some local regulations will use the number of bedrooms in your home to determine the capacity tank you need. Others may base the size on how much waste water leaves your home per day. For commercial structures other criteria may be used as well to determine the septic tank dimensions required.

Septic Tank Sizes In Gallons For The Number Of Bedrooms

0-2 bedrooms
   3 bedrooms
   4 bedrooms
5-6 bedrooms 

   750 gallons
 1000 gallons
 1200 gallons
 1500 gallons


*Please note that the minimum 750 gallon tank size above could be larger in some areas depending on their regulations.

Tank Sizes Based On Waste Water Flow Per Day In Gallons

 up to 500

  900 gallons
1200 gallons
1500 gallons
1900 gallons
3200 gallons
5800 gallons


To give you a basic idea of tank dimensions, a concrete tank holding 750 gallons would be approximately 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 4 1/2 feet tall.

A reputable septic tank installer in your area will know the local codes and can advise you on what septic tank sizes are required for your home.