Septic tank systems


A Riser Septic Tank is a Good Idea

A riser septic tank is one that is fitted with a riser pipe for above ground access to the tank. This allows for inspecting and pumping out without having to dig into the tank and remove the lid each time.

You don't have to search any more to find the tank and you don't have to dig up the yard to inspect or pump out the tank. So its a major convenience for sure and they are required in fact in some areas.

Three types of septic tank risers:

1. Concrete riser:
Heavy as you might expect and difficult to install. The lids are heavy as well and hard to remove and put back on to access the tank. This type of riser is certainly not very pretty in your yard either. And even worse they can leak and allow ground water to flood the septic tank. So all in all concrete risers are not very popular.

2. Pvc plastic risers:
These are much lighter than concrete and thus easier to install. The lids as well are light and easy to remove. Its much easier to get a water tight seal where the riser attaches to the tank with these and keeping out ground water.

3. Polyethylene plastic riser:
Its hard to get a good tank seal with this type of riser.

So there you have three choices for a riser septic tank. New tanks can come fitted with risers and they can also be installed on many older tanks. The pvc riser is the most popular of the three types.

As I mentioned earlier these are required in many locations but even if they are not required where you are its still a good idea to have one. Its much easier to find your tank and you just remove the lid for access. No more digging up your yard every time you want to inspect the tank or have it pumped out.

There is a little cost involved but its far out weighed by the benefits of having a riser septic tank.