Septic tank systems


Septic Tank Care

Many people who have chosen country life do not have access to public sewage and so must put extra effort into their septic tank care and maintenance. As with all elaborate systems, septic tanks have pros and cons, but with proper care and maintenance they will last for many years.

If you live in a more rural area and have a septic tank, then you also know there are several things involved in keeping it healthy and functional. Regular maintenance checks and periodic pumpings are routine, but many people are not aware that there are many other choices you can make that will increase the life of, and reduce the repairs needed on your septic tank.


Tips For Your System

- Use garbage disposals that periodically release small amounts of enzymes into the drain or flush enzyme packets down the toilet occasionally. These septic tank treatments help to keep things decomposing properly in the septic tank.

2) - Do not use garbage disposals that swallow food whole. They should be good enough to grind food into small particles that will break down more rapidly when in the septic system.

3) - Chemicals, such as bleach, harsh cleaners, etc. can destroy the bacteria that keeps your waste decomposing and may even eventually wind up in your nearby wells, streams, lakes, etc. Don't pour these types of things down the drains any more than is absolutely necessary.

4) - Don't drive over the septic drain field in your vehicles or heavy machinery. As the name implies, this is the area that the septic lines drain into and you don’t want it to cave in or be less able to effectively do it’s job.

5) - Plant a flower garden or grass on the drain field to cut down on soil erosion. You many find that plants grow well in this area.

6) - Large amounts of water can overload the septic system and so the less water you use at one time the better. This reduces stress on the system. For instance, try washing dishes as you dirty them and doing laundry in small loads every few days instead of all at once.

7) - Septic tank care also involves steering any water above ground away from the drain field. If you have an above ground pool, fountain, yard watering system, etc. be sure drain pipes and culverts are channeled elsewhere.

8) - Consider taking out any kind of trees within 75 ft. as the roots can grow into the lines and drain field, etc. and do real damage. Trees with aggressive roots, such as Weeping Willows, should be planted at least 150 feet away from your septic system.

9) - Dispose of oil or grease in the trash and do not ever pour them down the drain. These types of things do not break down well and sooner or later will stop up your drain field. If that happens you will need an expensive pumping or some other type of repair.

10) - Don’t flush anything down the toilet except bodily waste and toilet paper. Female sanitary products, paper towels, non-biodegradable plastics, cigarettes, cat litter, etc. will also eventually clog up your septic and require costly fixes.

These are some helpful hints on septic tank care and maintenance that professionals have given to keep your problems to a bare minimum. If these tips are followed, you will find that your septic tank is more likely to function at it's very best and may rarely require expenses beyond general septic tank maintenance.