Septic tank systems


Septic Tank Problems

There are numerous common septic tank problems that can arise due to variety of causes. Improper care of your septic system, intruding roots, clogged drain field lines (also called leach field), excessive rain/water levels, broken pipes, poor septic tank quality or design.

Some of these septic tank problems can be corrected in the home or repaired by the handy man around your house. Others however will require professional service in order to resolve them effectively and safely.



1.Do you have a lovely weeping willow tree (or other tree) in the back yard near the leach field? Transplant it to at least 200 feet away from the field so as to avoid roots growing into your tank. Once the roots have invaded a tank, you must have the tank professionally repaired or replaced.

2.Try to use laundry detergents that contain no phosphates. Phosphates can cause algae to grow and block holes in the leach field pipes. Try to limit the amount of water going into the laundry over a period of days instead of several loads in one day for example. Avoid putting cooking grease down the drain.

Is your toilet overflowing or your wash water backing up? Many a husband has rented a sewer snake from a local plumbing supply and spent the day and most of the night unclogging the lines.

A knowledgeable guy can even repair broken or busted septic lines. For a resource on other things that people have successfully fixed on their own, read this site on Septic Tank Problems and repair.

This site offers the stories of ordinary folks and what worked and what didn't work for their septic tank problems.

In other cases you will need to consult a professional regarding your septic tank problem. You should check online to find how frequently you should pump your septic tank, have inspections for cracks, cleaning, and that sort of thing.

Perform regular maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs and when in doubt call a professional in to fix your septic tank problems or at least to give you an idea of what you are dealing with.