Septic tank systems

Your Guide To Septic Tank Systems

Septic tank systems are very common at residences outside the city. If you live where public sewer service is not available, then you probably do have one. If you are planning a new home in a rural area you will probably need to have one installed. They are one of those things you use and need but seldom think about unless there is a problem.

House with Septic Tank

The aim of this site is to give you information on septic tank systems that will help you in buying a new one or maintaining the one you now have. By following a few simple suggestions you can get the system that's right for you, or maintain your present one so that it will serve you trouble free for many years to come.

What You Will Find Here

  • Types of septic tank systems available and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The drain field and precautions to prevent problems with it
  • Requirements for installing septic systems
  • Cleaning or pumping out and how often this service is needed
  • A list of things you should be careful of flushing into your tank to avoid problems
  • How to inspect and spot trouble with your system and fix it before it fails
  • Chemical treatments for septic tanks and should you use them
  • The advantages of an aerobic system
  • The costs of installing a system
  • Sizes of tanks
  • Pumping cost
  • Benefits of risers

Your septic system is a miniature wastewater treatment plant on your property that works 24 hours a day. Just follow the easy suggestions here and you can have trouble free septic tank systems. 



Aerator Septic Tank - An aerator septic tank has a distinct advantage over a traditional tank that is normally used in septic systems.

Concrete Septic Tanks - Concrete septic tanks are the most common ones in use and normally are very durable.

Plastic Septic Tanks - Plastic septic tanks offer a less expensive alternative.

Fiberglass Septic Tank - A fiberglass septic tank is a light weight alternative to concrete.

Septic Tank Costs - Septic tank costs will vary depending on where you live, the size of the system that is needed, and the type of system chosen.

Installing A Septic Tank - Before installing a septic tank make sure your site is suitable by checking the regulations in your area. Some soil tests may be required to see if your site is acceptable.